I see half of my face

After ages





Turned into something ugly

An ugliness of times

A timid reflection of the day and signs


Eye is blood shot

Lips dry, thirsting for tonic

Lines on forehead looking like scattered and torn trenches

Two halves of one face

Flipping coins of pretence

Heads and tale, senseless and stale

Placed on a body which is haggard by everyday battles


I am an addict, chronic cattle

A slice of sorry figure

With a disfigured and terrifying half face

And will you bother to see me?

For old time sake

For once in past I was whole too, remember me?

We had our time

Your pure child

Your loyal friend

Your disciple

Your lover

Your brother


And we will sit beside each other

On a bench at the edge of this world

Away from sirens, away from blinding noise

And when your courage will meet your eye

And you will see me

Really see me

You would understand what’s life all about?


It’s about scars

It’s about death of loved ones

It’s about crying the whole spring

Mouthing words, when you can’t even glue two syllable to sing


What a Joke, you will call it

Witnessing a demise

So naïve, so young, so wise

It’s a pity

Its damn shame, a damn shame

You will shout at the world, your heart will cry


But I will tell you

Why do you cry?

Relief of a testament!

That at least you saw me

That’s enough

Love conquers all

An anecdote and a sigh


And as you will touch me

To console me

I will melt away


A fleeting past

Time to take my final flight

In this world of mockery and foolery

You listened, an act of love

Is enough for all of my eternity

To weather the storm which ahead of me lie, at last