Nothing will ruin this

We told each other

Nothing, not even our true feelings

In sync, we told each other

We made no plans, no destination

As we were not arriving anywhere

Just the journey of sweet songs and fangs, we sang in tandem to each other

Guided by the scorching heat of sun

We became each other shadows

Unconsciously, submerging into one

Never shall we be generic, we said aloud in unison

Not be the cliched love story, old wine in new glasses

You drink from the well of my conscious, I will drink from yours

You burn in my absence, I shall in yours

Better be burned and turned to ashes

Than be an intriguing object for other people eyelashes

All unsaid, understood in breaths and while I write this, about us, my time is halted and at the same time swept

Though these promises were never made

Don’t worry, nothing much was at stake

Just only our soul of souls

And now and then in our heart of hearts

The trumpet plays, only for us, listen carefully, it’s calling a spade a spade

We agreed to, the journey has derailed

Oh the irony, we became cliched

Forgive me though, I never once mentioned love in these lines, as it was mine to keep and yours to weep, or was it the other way around?

Nobody will know, we will never say

That’s how we fooled them all, didn’t we

That’s how we ruined it all