What will I do?

If tomorrow my world turns upside down?

What will I do?

Worry? That’s lucky people paradise


Unlucky I am, so jump on a boat, find ‘my’ paradise

Go to the bluest of seashore

Count the seashells, washed up


Till infinity I will count

Till dusk becomes dawn

And dawn becomes dusk

Listen to no one

I will count

That’s how ‘I’ will be found


My legs will become sand

The waves will wash away me

Shrinking me, pulling and crashing me in


The mermaids’ sound

Sweet as nectar

I will listen carefully

Calling me out


I will swim

To the center

To the core

Towards the seas’ symphonies

Deep dive

My rebellion driven into my arms and legs like adrenaline shot will become my oxygen


Blue Whale, Octopus, Star Fish, Jelly Fish, Sea Horse

All will standstill

As I take the inevitable course


And wouldn’t it be a spectacle

The human being in all its glory

Stripped of his fallacies and games

Just one with the nature

As it used to be time and again


I will look back though

Seeing my physical self

At the seashore

Waving to me

Cheering me on


This bottomless heart quenches for the sea

He knows!

Which is salty

He knows!

Journey in itself is faulty


He knows & I know too

But what to do?

We all creatures of different size and shape

Lucky fit in boxes and unlucky one’s escape…