Short Stories

Eyes. Those damn eyes!

What do you see? – she whispers in his ears

He takes a deep breath and blows away the dust mustered across the bolted window. Keeping his crossed arms on it, he overlooks the ocean of habitation. Among the hustle bustle and the lazy Saturday afternoon commotion, he hesitates to answer.

Have you seen those eyes? – he whispers back

She unwraps the cigarette pack and lights one up

What do you mean? – she says gently in a nonchalant way


Have you seen it?

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9876543210 Reasons to Watch Korean Cinema : Putting X in eXtreme!

Let me dive straight to the point. Nothing is bolder or bloodier than Korean Cinema. The Cinema around the world looks candyfloss and gummy bears in comparison to its sheer virtuosity and the magnitude of execution. Dictionary should put Korean movies name when describing words like revenge, visceral, vengeance and violence.

Don’t agree??

Here’s a little snippet for your kind observation!

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