Straight shout out to my homies on Planet Pluto! Whaddupp!

Long time, we have not communicated much, my fault!

I have been busy with earthlings and my earthly duties. Lot of changes have happened since you went off the grid.

Firstly, I cleared all my education and have turned to a trained, certified robotic monkey (surprise surprise)! That too 1st class (The durable and everlasting one)!!

Native languages have been forgotten and been replaced with acronyms like XOXO, BRB, AFK, TY, THX, LOL, ROFL, LMAO, TBT (This language is called hashtags)… Finally, we speaking the UNIVERSAL language!! My favourite is K (whoever came up with this is genius!!!

Money, greed and selfies now rules us rather than kindness and passion (such passé words, I tell you). We have gone to moon and back and soon planning to go to Mars too as earth is going on vacation, in her absence global warming, over-population, ancient thinking will be taking over and cutting her some slack (high time)!!!

Dreams indeed come true!!!!

Anyway, stay in touch and keep drinking your milk in your milky way (helps in curing dwarfism).

Yours Truly, NM, K!!!!!