What if I cut off my thumbs

Then I will not scroll anymore

Not waste time anymore

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other lures

Maybe I could do something which I think, is my thing, which I think will definitely be a high point in my mediocre life score

My specs number is below zero

Averaging it out over a period of 30 years

I am your negative man, I am your nerd hero


Selfie click as my rhythm do basic arithmetic

Chop off my fingers quick, basic thematic

The little ones’ first

Feel bad? Don’t be, my head is sick!

I am a disguised bad-girl (move aside Rihanna)

So riri riri riri (to the badmobile)

Going forward no finger chips

Bulging man hips

So smack those lips

Sounds funny (mum mum mum)

Here I go

My final tip

Don’t say “I love you” to anyone, as it’s an universal flaw – a Freudian slip


Don’t suck on my chop thumbs, damn it you!


Out with it, kindly spit!


Let me garnish them (1st gear)

Let me put my hotel management degree to (2nd gear)

Bloody Mary screams my future is dark (3rd gear)

Flip middle fingers to her (4th gear)

Chop off them too (5th gear)

A nice crunching sound, shattered mirrors, no remorse, no (reverse gear)


What’s that smell though

Am I too self aware yo

Is my spider senses in (6th gear)

No silly

You standing next to the loo

So ewwww and phew

Don’t you dare to flew

As we middle class

Pretending to be upper class

But crashing towards lower class

So here’s my 2 rupees class, in lieu

Come sit next to me, let’s enjoy the view and be honored of my company, as I only enjoy with few


I don’t know if I can go any further

As chopping my hand off has made me delusional

This is my 127 hours rap shizz

Slytherin out of Hogwarts bars hitzz

I am Alice in Wonderland

I see Red Queen in distance

With her big head

Screaming “off with my head”

She must be jealous

As my receding hairline gifted me large forehead

Still screaming “OFF WITH MY HEAD”


Please kindly go ahead

I don’t care

Be off with my head

As I am done here

I am Smaug the Dragon with drah-KAH-ris breath

So buy me a room freshener

As my mouth is big

Then my LIFE and your WIFE

All will be set!