Dig a hole

And bury yourself in it

Let the bystanders watch

Let them latch to each other and talk


Who gave you the right to dig your hole?

That’s not how the wheel goes

Listen to your fears and settle

It’s a fool errand, the ensuing thought is an error

There are already similar holes

Why you still pursue?

What you get out of this futile endeavor?

Get in one of those

Be content and be settled


Soon you will have moments of regret

Then what?

Soon you will roam the earth all alone

Then what?


The question, which persist is, why now?

It’s already dawn, dust has settled in the lawn


But you don’t bother

You don’t tell them

You keep digging


As you already know, deep inside the ticking clock has told you


What works for world

Not necessary it works for you


Give it a moment’s thinking, I see the head nodding, you know it’s true


It might give you bronze and silver

But what about the fools’ gold?


The gold which one must find

As that’s what it defines

The gold for being a fool


As and when

You’re foolish

You become you

Foolish to believe in yourself

Foolish to see the world from your own two eyes

Foolish to break the wheel

Foolish to dispense all the imposed belief


As and then

You will be free

Free from the shackles

Free from herd

Your words will be your words

Your thoughts will be your thoughts

Your actions will be your actions


Be ready to be mocked though, called a joke

Joker in a the mad hatter act

Going down the rabbit hole

Where you have to find your Alice

You have to drink from your own chalice

Enrich yourself, you owe it to yourself, to get out of this rut, this malice


So keep digging

As nobody can listen to the sweet whistle that trains away to your heart

How can you describe the music which burns you, paint your canvas, your art?

The gut tells you

The subconscious tells you

Listen for yourself

Don’t ignore

I am here to bury myself

I am home