Our parents are getting old and we can’t do anything about it

The circle of time is taking its turn

As it always does

And we can’t do anything about it


We remember our childhood, how we were the center of their universe

How the first step taken, first word spoken

Became a memory etched in their canvas as they unlocked us, by locking themselves


How gentle were their love

How sacred were their acts

Who knows when the last breath will come and all of us will meet our makers

But who worries about that as we met ours, they inhabited our world and did the best they could


How easily we dismissed their worries for us

How easily we became angry when things didn’t go our way and we vented on them

But they took all in

Like an anchor dropped in the vast ocean

They became our north star

Guiding us along

We did disappoint them

Not once or twice but infinite

But they took all in

The pure love never gave in


Tender hands which had caressed us are now becoming delicate and feeble

Roles are reversing as we worry about them and how nonchalantly they laugh about it


When the final verdict comes

When the clock will finally strike the hand

We will tell them to take us along

As this chasm left behind by them will be insurmountable to fathom

Tears pouring out of our souls

Down on our knees

We will beg them

And they will look down on us with their ever so loving gaze and tell us we will always be there with you

Just close those eyes and cover those ears, feel the rushing blood, the beating heart – in silence – we will always be there…