When the commotion has ended and the smiles and the ecstasies have faded away

There he stands at the perils,

Once Again!

The end is near, a new ending begins 

Like birth and rebirth, the whimsical cycle 

He stands; legs wobbling & hands straining 

Is he the ultimate rebel? One without a rebellion, without a cause?

Spectrum of life; security and comfort zone on the left or insecurities and untold stories on the right

Everything is indeed tearing him apart!

The path, which he once thought was the righteous path, the path of suffering, which would have lead to the ultimate reward

Now here he stands with plastered currencies, smoked away pictures and fog filled memories

All these rewards calling him out – A Coward!

It’s just him, alone, looking out of the broken glasses, stilled in the broken vases, reflection of his own scattered faces, his unmattered phases

Just naysayers and false soothsayers

Blaming on circumstances and higher power

Is he a failure? A labelled garment; pretty on the outside and ugly in the inside 

Still confused, still out-of-his-own-views

What picture he wants to paint, unknown and all in vain

Ousted by own deceptions and self assurances, foxed by life again

Another year gone by of pretending 

These words provide him some solace, some venting

But Alas!  

His demeanor is cool 

Life has presented another cliffhanger

He knows the drill, knows it won’t last long, no need to stress or waste energies on these damn fool of emotions

Time has come to haste, his laces are untied and the jump is inevitable, unavoidable 

He is on the edge again, just a little push and maybe he may slip and fall or maybe he will plunge, whatever he does he will have no further regrets, he will path those ways no matter the pays

These are the choices he has made and it will be honest and being true to oneself, his outtake 

So lights camera action, here he goes, hoping this is his final take!