Choose my destiny and I will take it
Take my hand and guide me
I will blindly follow
Tell me to surrender and I will
Become my mentor
Become my motivation

(What do I know?)

Treat me with love
And I will happily give myself to you
Tell me, the road less traveled
Without question, I will tread the path
Tell me my goals and point out to my journey
I will tie my shoe and follow suit

(How do I know better?)

Become my destination, my arrival
I will honor you by becoming your faithful disciple
Let me worship you
Let me give up myself to attain your vision of mine
Without question or even an ounce of prejudice, I will follow

(Which path is righteous and which is treacherous?)

Console my soul
Calm these interstellar waves
Tell them now that I’ve found you, I will become whole again
Find my hidden gems, become my director
Pacify the million thoughts which are running in my dark tunnel
Crumble my vision and let it eclipse yours
Let me become a caricature
A whole of you
Let me submerge
Let me lose my identity
My idiosyncrasy, my nonconformity

As I am tired, just exhausted

Take away this crown
This burdened throne
I don’t want myself to question anything anymore
As I can’t face the answers, I have no cure

Take these conundrum away which plague my everyday-being
So I can ask you, to finally give me my solution, my want; be responsible for my life for my well-being?

And will you come, knocking, building me a bridge?

And if you do, I will walk on it

For miles, I will walk
Few steps here and there I will stop
But not for once, I will doubt or halt

Till the sun meets the ocean
Till the lover gaze meets the lovers’ eyes

I will walk…

But one fine day my legs will wobble, my strength will give in and the bridge will crumble

Like compromising love
The foundation will crave in
The pillars will stumble

Heap of bricks collapsing in front of my eyes, withering away those inceptions, which were once your vision, your faith, your dreams

All for me…

Which I took knowingly, as I didn’t know better
Never blame you, as what did you know?
Even on death bed, no one’s wise or clever

You were as clueless as I was
You were as unaware as I was

I took your experience nevertheless
Gave me a mask to cover my cowardliness


Realization comes silently
Like lightening before thunder
Powerful, seldom; so act on it
This life is yours
The ultimate cross, the one you alone have to bear

There will be many bridges, which one may encounter
Which one is yours, you alone have to answer
Maybe that’s the ultimate question, the ultimate gift
You want to be against the tide or with


Which hunt is yours?


The treasure chest is yours!