I am pilgrim on a pilgrimage
No acts define me as sage
I have come to meet these shadows
Long forgotten their presence
I have grown older
I have aged
But still I have these questions, which won’t leave me, they don’t dissuade

I am the marathon man
As I am running
Endlessly, seamlessly
In quest of answers
I have been to moon and back
Even met the pillars and the founders
But still the quest remains
But still the thirst sustains

I traveled;

Climbed mountains
Ate insects out of the amazonian jungle
Swept the seven kingdoms and middle earth
Swam across the seas
Fought poseiden
Wrestled with the scorpion king
Made friends with Medusa
Turned myself to stone
And still I find myself all alone

So I came back
I came back to these shadows
The journey was arduous
It was long and it was old
As old as earth and its essence
As long as its beings and its presence

As I entered the temple of fog
The blindness of blurred vision surrounded me
The mist of evening sunset gathered around me

In distant on the pathway I saw a red dot
Blinking, amongst the sea of images
I tread towards it
Carefully, with moments of panic and fear
But when I came near
The red dot was a beacon, pointing towards the unknown
I followed the path, accompanied by my despair and doubts, which are known

As I reached the end of the beacon light
I saw whirlwind of shadows
I was alert
This was my moment
My journey had come full circle

I exert;

Give me my answers
These questions, which crush my bones everyday
These questions, which in night doesn’t let me sleep and the day time doesn’t let be breath
Answer them

I echoed;

Tell me, I want to have my peace
Why am I at unease
Why am I so anxious
Why I suffer
Why am I in pain
Why internally, I disagree and externally, I agree
Why living in present is so difficult
Why do I feel defeated
Why is my confidence so seated
Why being rightful and dutiful not enough
Why being humble is next to being crumble
Why all positives looks negatives
Why playing dumb the rule
Why the right words doesn’t come at right time
Where did I lost my laughs
Why I am always cut in half

Answer me now, damn it!

I searched for you all my life
Now that I have finally found you
I deserve my answer
It’s my right

Answer me shadows, WHO AM I

As the night engulfed the temple of fog
As the moonlight brightened the creatures lurking outside in the dark
As loud as thunder on a full moon night, shadows, they echoed in tandem…

Silence you fool!

Silence your jabbering tongue
Silence your blabbering mouth
Silence your ramblings about why’s and what’s
Keep your thoughts to yourself
Who told you
You deserve any answers
Who am I? Who are you!
Why are you asking us
Are these the right questions
Are there any right answers

You want solution, when you don’t even know your disease, your predicament

What are you suffering from
Are you even suffering
Do you even understand real pain, real suffering
Do you know your real self
Locked away, hidden away
Threw the key in the sea
Now you came to us, to see
If we have the perfect lock, the one you seek

Go knock on shut windows and doors
They will open and close
Might you’ll find your answers
Or no
But we have nothing for you
The way you came
The same way you return
Empty handed
Playing victim card, you think you will have our mercy that’s not our standard
You’re the deserted eagle, soaring the sky, but still one leg tie to the cage, still stranded

Go away
Go away now
Run away from responsibility
Away to safety
Away to distractions, procrastinations
As you always do
You are nothing to us
Your essence, your presence, doesn’t matter
There’s no closure
There’s no happy ending here

Just one giveaway

Truly for once, don’t ask yourself
Who am I
And the answer will bestow you

When you’re unaware
When you’re unscared

It will come running for you, once you stop running towards it
It might surface, when you really let go

The muse follows, once you let go of its tail
Never have you heard that say, that tale

Go play your flute
I dare
Go stand up for yourself
Without a care

And then when minutes become decades
You might find your answers
But maybe, just maybe, that moment, you might not even be looking for it
Just promise us here, you will become conscious about it

This moment, will then become the finest day, birth of the black swan, the impeccable dancer

Go on now, don’t be naive, merge with us, the shadows, the real masters…