There, I see her, standing far away, in distant time in her red dress

She’s slaying demons and dragons as she tip toes her way around

She’s effervescent, full of flaws
Floats in front of me defining earthly laws

Dancing to the rhythm of my beating heart
Her movement blares away the silence which surrounds my soul

I whisper to myself; the magician
Never seen such an illusion

Sometimes her presence deludes me
Disappearing in the fog of my eyesight
But time and again her fluttering lightness captures me, raptures me

Many mortals have encapsulate our eyes
But such havoc, even makes the angels’ cry

With her, there will never be happily ever after
As she’s the full-moon for which the wolf cries
As she’s the blood-diamond found in the void of coal mines

She’s the portal to immortality
As she’s both the cause and effect of causality

Even I don’t know her in this journey, nor do I have the courage to know
But I have known her
Thousand of light years away
Our stories have unfolded
Remembered then forgotten
Never stale, never rotten

Maybe, one day she will know me
Maybe, one day she will destroy me
But I will not express how I feel
She will know my facade
I am one among many
So I let it be

She will never know
What storms sweeps me – right here, right now
She will never know
These ruptures comes once in a lifetime
And it’s all mine

Though, I see her laughing, having conversation with a known stranger
She’s ready to leave
As she crosses by
The allure of her makes me sigh

“We accept the love we think we deserve
It’s painful to watch the spectacle that unfolds” – I tell her

She looks at me…

“To just look in your eyes, tell you your worth
I can turn water into wine, I can turn all my truths into thousand lies” – I tell her

In that moment
Feather light teardrop caresses her cheek
She knows me
Our stories
But still, she walks away
As shadows depart in the moonlight
She departs
Never to be found again

Then and now
Feather light teardrop caresses my cheek too
And I do remember that day
Etched far away in my coldest memories
The day she saw me, the day she left me
Still keeping me warmth
Still keeping me calm

Trying to recapture it, by painting it down but I am not a good painter
Trying to recapture it, by writing it down but I am not a good writer