An extraordinary man, stands in the middle of the road, still by traffic lights, he puts one feet down without any resistance or frowns…

Hot wind gushes by his ears, leaving a blanket of blows in its wake

Amidst the whiplash of heat he marches on, sweat sweeps and perspirate on his forehand but he still latches on

One side his helmet dangles and on the other side his lunchbox is in shambles

Turtles in a turtle race…

The traffic makes its way, he also moves along in defined spaces in unidentified paces


Suddenly and swiftly his vehicle comes to a halt, he kicks and kicks but to no avail it’s out of salts

He joggles the vehicle left to right but it doesn’t tame

Like a beast stranded on a crowded island, there he stands with his beast, among the plethora of vehicles

Humanity is shouting, screaming, honking at him; peeling away the last ounce of his sanity…

He bows his head; gets off the bike and drags it to a corner

As the violent screams and irritations dwindles away, he clasps his face and lets of some air ~ looking up in the sky and finding no answers, he says “it’s okay”, has another go at the kick, repeating to himself, over and over again, “it’s okay”….