As he sits here putting salt on cucumber, thinking down the retrospection road, might be, he’s in an unaware slumber… Need a professional plumber to fix this 5-year-old leak, time is a burglar and values in corporate jungle is cheap

Life, does gives you lemons in all shapes and sizes but this corporate job sized lemon; is one which is faulty from the start, in the middle, sour and pungent and in the end, turning us into a robotic class A factory ferments 

When we were kids the world was ours for taking but now only to take is sleep induced binge weekends, boss’s pressure, meetings, yes-man championships, weekly reviews and just one closed window for your acute views 

The commute takes us hours, the parking tickets takes our laugh, we dread walking towards these closed walls, we set out for different goals but now it’s just mediocrity and handheld head down phones 

They say we all go out in closed boxes but wait we already in one; deep abyss glances, deeply miss chances      

Burden with circumstances, curtain with no meaning advances, standing in the middle of traffic, cars screeches, horns are rapid 

Hanging in those metros, blink and we will let go, but fear sweeps in, discreetly, silently, bringing in cold sweats with flashes of credit bills and room rents

Life has indeed turned monochromatic; reminiscent in nostalgia and measured in stills!

Do you even remember the real you?? The same guy who was full of life and zest, who is now dragging his feet out of bed and telling himself such white lies…

“Keep hope/ next job will be different and will have some scope”

Same color shirts, same color hurts, numb to the core, Innocent daydreams and nature’s wonders have lost there worth

He looks in the mirror, still physically present, still recognizable, but the inner self has withered away, the man recognizes the boy, the boy despises the man

You set out to be something else, didn’t you?? the boy fumingly questions! “But you’ve just become another pawn in this corporate chess; ready, set, judged and plainly dismissed”

“Maybe this is reality, maybe it’s time to grow-up”; the man tells the boy, but he does remember boy playing his games along with his toys! How still he’s playing with them but the guileless games and toys have changed and replaced with office politics, plotting ploys, defensive deploys and this deafening mundane noise!